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How to start a blog I Beginners complete guide how to blog and make money

Last updated on May 1, 2019


So you want to start your own blog but you’re stuck in the confusion where to start and which platform to choose from. Every blogger faces the same issues as a newbie. My blog journey began in 2017 and knew about blogging less than anything. Actually, it was only a few months before I learned what a blog was like. But now I have the knowledge that I can share with you and guide you with all the disadvantages and pros from where to start. You will learn the answers to a few fundamental questions that I answered in this blog post.




i.How to start a blog WordPress

ii.How to start a Blog

iii.How to start a free Blog.

iv.How to start a Blog and make money.



  1. How to select a blogging niche.


This is the first simple basic rule of blogging and you can achieve a pro level in Blogging World by following the self-taught mantra. Blogging recently is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways of communicating and transmitting news and information. It acts as a medium is a great way to express yourself, as well as a fantastic way to share information with others. There are 7 major steps you need to take to start a blog. If you accurately follow this guide, your own blog will be set from scratch in 60 minutes or less.


7 step ways to start a blog


1. Find out your niche and choose what to blog about.

2. Choose a platform for blogging.

3. Select your blog’s name and domain.

4. Find a good provider  for hosting

5. Choose a theme for hosting and design your blog.

6. Publish your posts and promote them.

7.Monetize the blog


The reason I split the blogging journey into 7 categories because I want everyone to understand it. I will try to solve the problems that beginners face, step by step, so that anyone can create their own blog.


1. Find out your niche and choose what to blog about.


First, a beginner is fighting the meaning of the word “Niche” What does a “Niche” mean? Let me define the term niche for you.

“A niche is more than just a subject or topic like that. It’s your approach, the audience you want to follow, and how you talk to them and position yourself as an expert.”I have good knowledge of online learning, digital marketing and technology, for example. I love exploring them and I can spend hours sharing my knowledge on these topics. Now many new bloggers make a mistake here, either by following some big bloggers ‘ footsteps or by choosing their passionate niche.

Ask yourself what makes you crazy or what you are fond of that drives your passion? Do you love to travel and explore the world, people, culture, or do you love writing about fashion? Passion varies differs from person to person in persona.



 7 Best Selling Niches to Make Money Online   




2. Choose a platform for blogging


The next step is to set up the platform where you are going to set up a blog. The most popular is the WordPress platform and this platform is selected by nearly 80 per cent of blogs. It’s all successful bloggers ‘ choice because It is one of the largest blogging platforms in the world with countless plugins and add-ons and nearly endless designs and layouts.

i. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

ii.Thousands of free themes with regular updates.

iii.Lightweight for quick upload, which is also essential for indexing in Google.



How to start a WordPress blog?


Note: – A newbie blogger may be confused with WordPress versions as it has two  variants

It has the following features, such as a fully customizable design, unlimited options for plugins and no branding. Powerful SEO features Total control over your own monetization efforts Start or add an eCommerce store or affiliate site.

The following features can be obtained by using this platform as it is free to use, it does not allow you to choose a custom domain name, it has very limited monetization options, it does not allow you to upload plugins, it has limited theme support so you are stuck with very basic designs.



3.Select your blog’s name and domain


You have to decide whether to pay for your blog or pick up a free blog. You’re a real blog owner with a blog on your own domain name. It’s up to you to name as much as you want. “” or “” You can finish,.in,,.net,.org or just about any other web suffix. Once you’ve set up your blogging platform, choose a unique name that can make you stand out from others. Before choosing a name, remember what you’re going to give your readers and what niche you’re going to write about. Try to select your domain name in 15 words, but the best is the domain with a limit of 5-6 words and easy spelling.

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4. Find a good provider for hosting


Why do we need to host the question may come to mind? Let me make it clear to you that you need a “host” to access your website on the Internet to others. The host keeps all of your websites files safe, secure and ensures that people can access your website by clicking on a link or entering your URL. Check the qualities that a hosting provider should have, such as Good Speed (99.99 Uptime), Features (for one-click setup), Security (from attack) and 24×7 Support system.

I personally use Hostgator and I am satisfied with its services.


Get 25 % discount on your WordPress hosting on  Hostgator.



5. Choose a theme for hosting and design your blog


Choosing a theme and designing requires a little bit of technical knowledge. Although for WordPress it’s easy as it comes with everything done all you need is to instal and activate them. choose a theme which is mobile friendly and light to upload as loading speed plays a major factor for ranking of your WordPress blog or website.

Let’s see the steps in brief.


i. Log in to your WordPress account 




ii. Go to appearances and then click on themes






iii. Choose your theme or if you have your own premium theme then choose from there 






iv. Customize your theme 

Use important pages

Navigate the menus

Instal the important plugins






6. Publish your posts and promote them.


Once you’ve written your posts as per your niche, do the useful Seo On Page and Off Page. Now it’s time for your blog to drive traffic so readers can know about you and your blog. So social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram are the best promotion platform to drive traffic. The right platform is the right one for you and your audience. One of the best things to start a blog is that bloggers enjoy being able to help each other out. And guest posting is one of the best ways to reach an already established audience on other relevant blogs. Working with other bloggers from the same niche, posting guests, participating in forums.



7.Monetize the blog

You can monetize your blog in several ways.


i.Ad Network. (Google Adsense or Bing Ads)

ii.Affiliate Marketing (Selling other products )

iii. Selling your own products or services.





Can blogging turn you into a millionaire?


The answer is “Yes,” it’s possible. If you just google it, you can read the success stories of many millionaire bloggers around the world. Making money by blogging isn’t a big deal, all you need is strong content that can attract your users to read or visit your blog website. Google Adsense is the most generous way to earn money from blogging. For traffic, Adsense uses your Blogsite and uses it to place ads to monetize it. Click the link below to learn everything about Adsense and how to use Google Adsense to monetise your blog.


How to make money with Google Adsense.A beginners guide (Read)



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