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7 Best Strategies how to grow YouTube channel & Get Subscribers and Views

Want to grow your youtube channel free?

How to grow youtube subscribers?

These are the most important question that hunts all YouTubers around the globe.

There is no denying it; over the past few years, video marketing has been rising, becoming increasingly popular and accessible to brands. And while the most popular social sites like SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your own website are great places to invest, YouTube remains the giant in space, with people spending a billion hours watching videos on this platform every day.

Often referred to as the “second largest search engine” in the world, YouTube can help you find your content quickly and be thoroughly engaged – if you know some tricks. Here are the 7  effective ways to channel to grow your Youtube Channel for Free.


how to grow YouTube channel



1.Particular Specific Niche 


Try to create a Youtube Channel which should be particular niche based, that is trying to create your content on a particular niche, don’t mix up two or more niches in one channel. It may seem obvious, but the best way to get the traffic you want and grow your audience is to build your video around a single topic/keyword. This step is skipped by many people who are unaware of SEO best practices, but if you want your videos to get the maximum number of viewers it is crucial.

Try using a YouTube-specific keyword tool like, Ahref etc to search for the most searched keywords in your target niche.


Before you even build your video content, it’s important to pick your keyword because it helps you build the best information about that particular topic. It also helps you remember to include your keyword in the content naturally so YouTube will pick it up when you add closed captions.

Once you’ve selected your keyword, check out the videos currently ranked for that topic to make sure you’re on the right intentional track, and don’t forget to optimize your title and descriptions.


The most successful videos on YouTube are typically less than 5 minutes long despite popular myths, so don’t feel you’re going to have to make a movie or write a novel. Keep it sweet and brief. But still, many YouTubers suggest making it not less than 10 mins video for better engagement of your audiences.





Making great content is the easiest way to grow your channel. But there is not always a need to build that content from scratch. Some of the best videos you’ve already created can be made from engaging, valuable, useful and actionable content.

Many people go to YouTube to find answers and tutorials about the issues they face, so content solving issues is a great fit. Look at the blogs, guides and other high-performance pieces you’ve got and think about how to make them into cool videos.

Increase the Uploading of videos on a regular basis. At first, this tip may sound intimidating, but you need to increase your posting frequency to at least one video a week to increase your audience.

Today’s smartphones offer excellent video recording capabilities, and tools available to make it easy for anyone to edit videos. Coherence is of paramount importance.

Try to post every day or week at the same time (depending on your frequency) and update your subscribers when new videos arrive.

Engaging with quality content is what develops and subsequently develops engaged followers. Your brand advocates! Be true to yourself and your brand and communicate along the way with your audience.


How to engage with your audience?


It is important not to overlook the fact that YouTube is a channel for social media, which is why it requires social interaction. You’re missing a trick if you’re just posting videos without encouraging comment and discussion. YouTube rewards highly engaged channels, including overall channel time, watching time, likes and dislikes, and most importantly, comments. Try to answer any comments you receive and ask users to submit audio/visual prompts.



3. Branding Yourself



You need to look professional if you want visitors to take your YouTube channel seriously and subscribe to your channel. Branding your channel will also help users recognize your content immediately. If you have a blog or website, you probably already have some sort of look and feel that you are using it to distinguish yourself from other individuals and/or companies, so it only makes sense to transfer that branding to your YouTube channel.

Putting your own face on the screen may be extremely beneficial. You can more easily connect your audience with you as an individual when you put a face on a brand.

For bloggers, this is particularly important; fitness, life, or business coaches etc You don’t have to include your face in every video you make, but you should reach your audience personally every few videos or so

Do not forget to add custom URLs to your channel header in addition to visual branding – and write an interesting bio about who you are and about what your videos are.




4. Thumbnails


They may appear to be a little thing (because they are), but thumbnails can have a big impact. YouTube advertises other videos in its sidebar via thumbnail, so you want your videos to stand out in the pack. The same applies to search for YouTube.

Videos with a catchy title and attractive thumbnail usually rank higher, even though the content itself is not as valuable as they have a higher click-through rate (CTR). Try using tactics like highlighted areas, arrows, large text, and unexpected or unusual images to get your CTR where it needs to be.



      Take – up Youtube Cards


Youtube cards play an important factor to keep the engagement on your channel.

By adding YouTube Cards, at the exact point where users are currently dropping off, you can add additional recommended videos. Although they may give up the video, users will be taken to your other content and remain on your channel, increasing the ranking of your channel.









One way you know for sure that viewers are engaged with your channel is by “subscribing” to see any new videos posted. In every video you upload, ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and keep engaging with your existing subscribed users.


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7.Use of Social Platform for Promoting Youtube Videos 



One of the beautiful things about social media is that on different channels you can cross-promote content. The easiest way to grow your audience is to promote your YouTube videos on your other social channels. Build your presence on channels Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest. There’s a lot to choose from. And if there is a channel (such as Facebook, Instagram) on which you want to post videos directly, you can always do a full-length video teaser on YouTube to ensure that you have optimal engagement across all channels. You can also post your videos there.


Share your view about the blog post and comment on what different way you can increase your views and subscribers of your Youtube Channel.






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