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Top 11 Bloggers in India and their major sources of Income.

Blogging has revolutionized the meaning of Earning Money. With the advancement of time Blogging came as an important source of earning, breaking the 9am to a 5pm working hoax. People are choosing blogging as a full-time carrier to support their bread and butter sources.

Bloggers around the world and even in India generating thousands of dollars by simple blogging. People who opt for to be CA, Engineers, Doctors are also choosing this platform for two specific reasons

i. As Passive source of income

ii. To build or get in touch with the similarly minded community


To be a successful Pro Bloggers like the listed below you need hard work, dedication, passion and time management. It too requires the same hard potential that a Doctor, CA or Engineer needs.



How to start Blogging? Get complete guidance on how to start blogging.



An important thing I would like to mention, the names I have mentioned here are on random order and they are achievers in their respective blogging fields, making good money and fame. Also to be mentioned here that the actual income can be different as I have gathered income sources through internet-based resources.


But before moving ahead I would like to answer a couple of questions that come to one’s mind while thinking about bloggers and blogging.


1. How do Blogs make money in India?


You can earn from your blogs in multiple ways:-


i. Through Google AdSense approval

ii.Through Medianet .com approval

iii. Affiliate marketing

iv. Guest Posting

v. Selling their own products/courses

vi. Renting the space on your blogs directly.


2. How much do Bloggers earn in India?


It depends entirely upon your potential and passion for work. If you are a beginner then you can’t expect any single penny for the first 6-8 months. Just devote your time in learning how to blog, get your articles ranked and get organic traffic to grow your viewers.

On an average blogger with little experience can earn from Rs  6000 – Rs10000 per month and on average Pro Bloggers earns between Rs 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs per month on average in India.



Before mentioning the Top  Bloggers from India, I would like to mention here that the information’s are collected through different sources and they marking more less near that revenue that is mentioned here.

Now I’m going to mention India 2019’s top bloggers, who make enormous amounts of cash every month.


1.Amit Agarwal –



Amit Agarwal is considered the pioneer of blogging in India. This former IITians is one of India’s top tech bloggers. He left his job from the states and began his first blog called Labnol. After a few months of beginning, it was a huge success for him. He writes mostly about consumer software and mobile apps on his blog, etc.‘s monthly earnings are nearly 40,000 $ to 70,000 $

Most income sources are

i. Google Adsense

ii. Paid Advertisement

iii. Affiliate marketing





2. Harsh Agarwal – Shout Me




He is an ideal model as the youngest Indian Blogger who is entirely self- sufficient and has enough cash to enjoy his life through blogging.

His Blog Shout me Loud started its journey in 2008 and then afterwards there is no turning back for this young entrepreneur who taught how to be free from 9am to 5 pm job schedule.

His blogs mainly contain about Blogging, ways to make money online, Tips and tricks about affiliate marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. He is an inspiration of most every blogger of India. He makes average 50000$ to 60000$ per month.


Most income sources are


ii. Media.Net

iii. Various Affiliate Programs

iv. Ebooks

v. Paid Advertisements

vi. Sponsored contents

vii .Paid Digital services





3.Shardha Sharma –





Shradha Sharma is‘s founding and chief editor and has been motivated to make stories and startups matter for the past ten years. It is one of India’s top leading websites, focusing on sharing success stories about entrepreneurs, company leaders, company founders and their journey to the road of success. She makes on average 30000$ to 40000$ per month.


Most income sources are

i. Affiliate

ii.Paid Webinars /Events

iii.Promoted Posts

iv.Google Custom Search






4.Anil Agarwal –





Anil Agarwal is a Gurgaon based  India professional blogger introduced his blog called in 2010. Anil basically writes on blogging tips and tricks and how to make money online through affiliate marketing. His posts have been featured in Forbes, Semrush, Crazy eggs, Huffpost etc. He makes an average 10000$ – 15000$ per month just by affiliate marketing.

Most income sources are

i. Affiliate Marketing


If you want to know the secrets about how Anil Agarwal makes 10000 $ per month from blogging and Affiliate Marketing, just watch the video, where he shared his strategies of online earning 






5.Pradeep Goyal –






Popularly known as “Kanjoos Baniya” (Frugal Guy),   his blog manages personal finance abilities, saving cash through best credit cards saving hacks, and constructing and growing online business opportunities, methods of earning and saving them. He loves to travel and shares his travel experiences with money saving tips and tricks. His contents got placed in, HuffPost, life hacker etc. He makes 10000$ – 15000$ per month on average

His income sources are

i. Affiliate marketing

ii.Content marketing


iv. Selling own courses.






6.Varun Krishnan –





Started his carrier in 2005 as a tech blogger, Varun Krishnan is a very well name in Tech Blogging Industry and founded Fonearena in 2008. FoneArena is one of the world’s most famous sources of mobile customers and technology lovers. The journal aims to provide all the recent mobile phone news and updates from the globe. His blog Fonearena is a source of inspiration to many tech bloggers of India. He makes average 25000$ to 30000$ per month.


His income sources are

i. Affiliate marketing

ii. Renting space

iii. Adsense






7.Deepak Kanakraju –






Being a civil engineer by profession, He is also a Digital Marketing Author, Speaker and Trainer. Deepak Kanakraju owns the largest Digital Marketing  Facebook group in India. Deepak also owns a  partnership company called pixel that provides digital marketing services.

He writes about digital marketing, tips and tricks of blogging and case studies. He is a columnist at and He makes 10000$ to 15000$ per month.

His income sources are

i. Selling courses

ii. Digital services

iii. Webinars







8.Ankit Singla –





Leaving behind a normal corporate job, Ankit Singla chooses Blogging as his full-time profession. In his blog, writes about blogging and affiliate marketing and shares tips and tricks on how to make money online. He runs his own service and also sells his own courses.

Ankit Singla was elected as the only Indian Judge at Semrush this year judging the best blogs.

Ankit has been featured at NDTV, YourStory and Huffington Post. He makes on average 15000$ – 20000$ per month.


His Income Sources are

i. Affiliate Marketing

ii. Selling own courses

iii. Digital Services




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9.Srinivas Tamada –




Chennai based Srinivas Tamada currently stays in the USA. Together with blogging, he also likes to make technology-based videos. His blog focuses primarily on programming, web design and other associated materials. His blog is best suited for individuals seeking technical knowledge.  He generally makes nearly 10000$ on average from his blogs


His income sources are

i. Affiliate marketing

ii.Renting space on his blog






10.Amit Bhawani –




Hyderabad based Pro Blogger started his blogging journey in 2007. His blog speaks about current gadgets and technology. Amit writes manly around the globe about mobile phones, tablets and technical items. Amit Bhawani also manages his  Digital Service agency that provides digital marketing solutions. He makes nearly 25000$ to 30000 $ per month.

Most income sources are

i. Adsense

ii.Affiliate Marketing

iii.Ad Networks






11.Sorav Jain –




Chennai based Sorav Jain is a businessman, digital marketing and social media specialist, advisor, trainer, author, speaker. Sorav Jain began his career as SEO executive at the age of 17 and has about 10 years of experience in the industry.

Sorav Jain has been listed by Social Samosa as ‘Top Social Media Marketers‘ under the age of 30 and the Global Youth Marketing Forum has awarded him the ‘ Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India’.

He has a Hindi digital marketing course for free for all Hindi speaking people.

He makes nearly 25000$ – 30000$ per month.

Major income sources are

i. Webinars


iii. Affiliate Marketing

iv. Youtube

v. Selling courses



The above mentioned top bloggers of India, are not only are masters in their field but also help others by sharing with their valuable resources to gain both knowledge and ideas on how to be a pro blogger.

Their sites are the best blogging sites in India to follow and learn the skills of digital marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing etc.


Best Blogging sites in India to learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

2.Shout me


 Best Bloggers in India you need to follow to learn How to Make Money Online  


1.Anil Agarwal

2.Ankit Singla

3.Harsh Agarwal

4.Sorav Jain

5.Pradeep Goyal 


Share your valuable suggestions in the comment section about these bloggers and their blogging journey.